Application Deadlines
Sheep, Moose, Goat
Mule Deer And Antelope
Mountain Lion
Non Resident Elk
Resident Elk
Preference Points For purchase
January 1 – February 28
January 1 – May 31
Available Over The Counter
January 31
May 31
July – October 31

NOTE: A conservation stamp that is available over the counter is required to hunt and fish in Wyoming.

Preference Points


The preference point system was initiated by the Wyoming Game & Fish in 2006 to increase the drawing chances of nonresidents for Rocky Mountain elk, deer, and antelope, and the drawing chances of residents for Shiraz moose and Big Horn sheep.

Nonresident and resident hunters can apply for preference points in Wyoming through the below-listed application categories as displayed on the Wyoming Game & Fish website. Careful planning and the purchase of preference points can drastically decrease the cost of a hunt.

Lost Creek Outfitters will gladly assist with the purchase of preference points upon request.



Nonresidents have the option of purchasing one point each year and to accumulate points until the preferred time of use and of license application. There is no limit to the amount of points one can accumulate; however, two-consecutive years without a point purchase negate all previously purchased points.


Nonresidents and resident can both option preference points by applying for the Wyoming license of their choice: if the application for the first license is unsuccessful, but the application for the second license is successful, then the applicant qualifies for the second license and one preference point.


Rocky Mountain Elk
Bighorn Sheep*
Shiraz Moose*
MT Mule deer

* License and application fees are not included.

Booking a Hunt

A deposit of 50% is required to book a hunt. Wyoming awards the licenses through a computer drawing, but Lost Creek Outfitter hunters are almost always guaranteed their Mule deer and cow elk licenses. Since the number of hunters on any given hunt is limited to ensure quality control, deposits are not refunded unless licenses are not drawn. In that instance the deposits are promptly refunded.

  • Lodge Hunts – Includes the cost of lodging, meals, horses, guides, and equipment required for the hunt.
  • Camp Hunts – Includes the cost of lodging (tent, wood stove, cot, foam pad), meals, horses, guides, and equipment required for the hunt.
  • Town Hunts – Includes the cost of private leases, where applicable, sack lunches and beverages for the hunt, transportation to and from location, and professional field-care of the trophies. The client is responsible for the costs of in-town lodging, breakfast, and dinner.

A charge of 15% is added to the cost of any hunt booked through and agent, or through a referral, that requires direct payment.

Hunter Safety Requirements

Any hunter born on or after January 1, 1966 must have completed – and must possess – a valid Hunter Safety Certificate.


Global Rescue
TOLL FREE : (800) 381-9754
LOCAL: (617) 459-4200
(603) 443-5400

RIPCORD Rescue Travel Insurance
1875 South Grant Street, Suite 960,
San Mateo, CA 94402
+1 415 481 0600

license information

In order to successfully prepare and process a license application, clients must possess a valid Hunter Safety Certificate and follow the following instructions:

  1. Clients need to utilize the license application provided by Lost Creek Outfitters, or supplied online by the Wyoming Game & Fish, and complete the top section with the name, address, all other personal data, the sport person ID number in lieu if the social security number (example: SP-123-45-6789), and their signature.
  2. Clients need to obtain a money order or cashier’s check for the proper license amount and address this payable to the Wyoming Game & Fish. The Wyoming Game & Fish will refund the $12.50 application fee to any clients whose license is not drawn.
  3. Clients need to mail the prepared and processed application and check to Lost Creek Outfitters before the application deadline: Lost Creek Outfitters will then complete the area and the type that will yield the greatest results for each client before hand-delivering the applications to the office in Cheyenne.

NOTE: Upon request, Lost Creek Outfitters will prepare and process the applications.


Non-hunting companions are welcome on most guided hunts for an additional $250 day-rate. Example: A ten-day hunt for a non-hunting companion would cost the hunting party an additional $2,500.

Physical Conditioning

Hunting in not an easy physical activity, especially in our Northern-Wyoming hunting areas 1 – 5. The appropriate level of mental and physical conditioning can improve your likelihood of harvesting a trophy and increase the extent to which you will enjoy your adventure. Every hunt is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and your mental and physical aptitude are two of the few variables within your control. We highly encourage that clients control this variable to their maximum ability and prepare in the following manner:

  • Engage in physical exercise (aerobic and anaerobic) a minimum of 3 – 4 times per week
  • Engage in morning workouts (if you wish to increase caloric expenditures (with the option of adding a workout in the afternoon on 1 – 2 days per week)
  • Eat healthy and balanced meals

Our colleague and industry peer, Bryan Martin, from Asian Mountain Outfitters recommends the fitness routine and resources included below as an option for clients. Please note that any information in this sections does not apply to all clients equally: the recommendations might vary depending on physical and medical history.


Ideal recommendation: 30 – 60 minutes; minimum 20 minutes without pause.

  • Running or brisk walking (2-3 miles)
  • Biking (mountain or road bike)
  • Organized sports (basketball, hockey, soccer or tennis)
  • Exercise machines (stair-master, treadmill, bike)
  • Circuit training with free weights or universal system
  • Swimming
  • Aerobic type classes (Tai Bo, step aerobics, etc.)
  • Hiking around town or the local hills with the hunting boots and pack

Workout Resources

Backpack Hunts

Backpack hunts require special preparations, and several training sessions per week with the hunting backpack of choice can increase both comfort and confidence. The goal is to start training with a 20 – 30-pound backpack and to reach the target weight of a 45 – 60-pound backpack in a timespan of 1 – 2 months.

Horseback Hunts

Horseback riding is physically less strenuous than backpacking, but – once again – prior experience and learning can enhance the enjoyment of the experience. Inexperienced or novice riders are encouraged to secure a few riding lessons to learn which muscles to apply. Riders who have access to horses are encouraged to ride several times a week prior to the guided hunt to decrease any soreness.

Pricing and Gratuity


  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Clients can upgrade any 2:1 hunt to a 1:1 hunt for an additional $300 day-rate.
  • Clients will bear the charges for personal items, alcoholic beverages, taxidermy and meat processing fees, airfare, and gratuities.


Gratuity is a manner through which the client can express personal appreciation to the guide, camp manager, camp cook, and wranglers for their extra hard work and for their commitment to creating a special hunt. A standard gratuity is the equivalent of 10% – 15% of the total hunt cost.

Although, the act of awarding gratuity is a 100-year old tradition, clients should know that this act is not mandatory and that they should award gratuity based on the efforts of those who enabled the experience.

Shooting Skills

Regardless of whether the weapon of choice is a firearm or a bow, familiarity of the weapon is critical and can culminate in an accurate kill shot and a successful trophy hunt. Aside from weapon familiarity, hunter safety recommendations are in place to ensure the proper handling of a weapon. Please note the location of your guide, or non-hunting companions, at all times – especially during hunts with muzzleloaders, the sound of which can cause serious injuries to close bystanders.

Taxidermy and Meat Processing


Dewey Wildlife Studio
3538 Cottonwood Avenue
Cody, Wyoming  82414
(307) 587-4863


Wagler Meats & Sausage
2776 N Fork Hwy
Cody, WY 82414



Clients are encouraged to fly into Yellowstone Regional Airport (YRA), Jackson (JAC) and Riverton(RIW) or into Casper-Natrona County International Airport (C/NCIA), depending on the location of their hunt. Clients who arrive elsewhere are responsible for their own transportation.


Cody Shuttle
17 Rd, 6 Cu
Cody, Wyoming  82450
(307) 527-6789