Since 1998 we have guided over 200 sheep trophy hunts, and we have obtained a success rate of 100% in most years. That is a success rate of 95% overall! The average age of the rams was 9.5 years, and the average score was in the mid-to-high 160’s.

We strive to harvest great trophies – not just any ram: we are dedicated, and we will never encourage a client to shoot simply to take a shot. Instead, we will work to harvest a ram that excites both the guide and the hunter.

We have built our business on the success and satisfaction of our clients – and our track-record of acquiring great rams is based on our superior skillset.


Our wilderness elk Camp outside of Dubois is an excellent camp and our success rate is very high! Our schedule is reflective of managing how many bulls are harvested, to keep the area productive for years to come. Archery hunters love hunting this area, providing an optimal opportunity to harvest a mature bull. Much of our success is also directly related to our clients personal responsibility in preparing for their hunt, physical capability and shooting accuracy is very important on a wilderness hunt.

Our private land hunts are 100% and we have exclusive hunting rights to leases, not including the ranch Jimmys parents own.

Our team will work hard to ensure clients are given the best possible opportunity to harvest an animal, within the multiple variables that can arise with hunting. We cannot control the weather, predators, or disease; but we will be prepared with top of the line equipment, stock, preparation, and knowledge.  Drive, determination, and pushing through when variables become difficult will give our clients the best opportunity regardless of the outcome.