Jimmy Owens is a lifetime Wyoming resident, who grew up hunting on a family-owned ranch near Casper.  He is a third-generation outfitter and big game hunter in his family.  His grandfather was a pioneer in Wyoming as a rancher and outfitter. He has many experiences hunting trophies with his dad, mom, and brother becoming a top sheep guide in both Wyoming and Alaska, he has worked with outfitters since 2012.

Jimmy spent five years in Alaska before becoming an outfitter, where multiple seasons led him on the trail of grizzly bears, sheep, caribou, and moose – all of which he helped harvest with his “no trace let behind” philosophy, meticulously handling the meat and the hide while producing a minimal amount of waste.

On one memorable occasion Jimmy used his tactful insight and hunting skills to keep safe both the clients and their harvested caribous after their crew could not depart an Alaskan location for ten days due to bad weather.  Many of the clients Jimmy guided have become lifelong friends and have come hunting in Wyoming.

Jimmy acquired Lost Creek Outfitters in 2017, has maintained the standard of outfitting success and client satisfaction that Lost Creek Outfitters has established over the last three decades. We operate out of Cody, Dubois, and Casper, offering a variety of hunts. In 2019 he purchased Wyoming Wilderness, Jake Clarks elk camp outside of Dubois, WY.  

Jimmy splits his time at the ranch in Casper with his dad, mom, and brother, and then in Cody with Jozie and their son Jackson.  Jimmy has a strong support system with his family and has a strong team surrounding him to be one of the most successful outfitters in Wyoming.   



Mike Owens continues to enjoy the same hobbies from his youth: Tending to livestock on the family ranch and any type of hunting. Another one of Mike’s hobbies is to build custom long-range rifles — a pursuit that he turned into a profession after having graduated from the Colorado School of Trades in Gunsmithing in 2013. Mike now owns Teapot Creek Precision and works as a professional gunsmith during the times that he is not helping his brother, Jimmy, as a guide. The majority of the year Mike spends in Casper with his wife, Sarah.



BJoe Coy has spent almost his entire life in the mountains since he was seven years old. Year after year, he would help pack in horses with only two-week breaks. Between 1972 and 1982, BJoe managed the Boulder Basin camp for Barron Collier, and as part of his duties BJoe oversaw the books, wranglers, and guides, all of which worked together to accommodate around fifty hunters per year.

In 1983 BJoe received his own outfitters licence and purchased Yellow Creek Camp from father-in-law Russ Reid. Coy’s Yellow Creek Outfitting was operational until 2012. In those years BJoe guided over 600 elk and deer hunters, and he guided over 168 bighorn sheep hunters.

After thirty years plus of experience, BJoe’s knowledge of area around Cody is extensive. BJoe has also guided hunts for deer, elk, and antelope in the Big Horn Mountains and around Casper, Chugwater, and Gillette.

He spends the off season with his daughters Jozie and Jessie, and his favorite role is grandpa “pop pop” to grandsons Willam and Jackson. He stays involved with rodeo helping work the National High School Rodeo and on the feed crew at the National Finals Rodeo. An avid horseman learning from his father Bill Coy and working for Bill and Carole Smiths Wyo Quarter Horse sale, his late wife Lori’s great uncle.


Ethan johnson

Ethan Johnson has always had a passion for hunting and the outdoors. He started guiding whitetail deer hunts in 2006 on his family ranch in Nebraska. In 2015 he joined Big Game Back Country Guides in Alaska and is now a registered guide. He is also a bush pilot and owns Shublik Outfitters which operates in Alaska alongside Big Game Back Country Guides. 2018 saw him join long-time friends Jimmy and Mike in Wyoming at Lost Creek Outfitters. When he is not flying or guiding in Alaska or Wyoming, he is home on the ranch tending to the land and cattle, as well as crop dusting. Ethan married his wife Traci in the summer of 2022.


Buck Porter

Buck Porter – We are so fortunate to have Buck on our team, he has lived in Cody his whole life. Buck’s family owned and ran Temple Creek Outfitting for over 40 years and Buck has guided every fall since a young age.  His knowledge and experience have been valuable to our program, he is an excellent sheep guide and knows elk hunting very well. When his isn’t guiding he works as a welder or goes to Alaska and works as a fishing guide in Soldotna for Alaska Fishing Adventure’s. Our guides are like family to us and we spend a lot of quality time together in the off season as well.  


Cameron Schmidt

Cameron Schmidt is a Cody native that worked for Griz and Ginger and has worked with Jimmy the last five years.  He is a solid staple to our program, his attitude, personality, and work ethic is the best you can find.  Cam is an avid hunter himself; he harvested a Dall with Raven’s Throat Outfitters in the NWT, Griz and Gingers Canadian business and will continue to pursue his grand slam.  In the spring Cam works for Lance Kronberger, Freelance Outdoor Adventures in Alaska.  He spends countless hours riding and walking the country around Cody, horn hunting and lion hunting in the winter. He wants to be in the backcountry all the time and anyone would be fortunate to know Cam.   



Josh Taylor is a Cody native that has hunted and worked as a guide for 25 years in Cody country. Josh has the drive, enthusiasm, and charismatic attitude that keeps everyone in high spirts.  He delivers and executes when the hunting and weather is tough, and our clients get exceptional trophies with Josh. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the areas we hunt and is an asset to our business and is a fantastic friend. When he isn’t guiding, he works fire for the forest service, in his early years he did big game capture. Josh and his wife Jenny with their two boys, Jax and Jhett, own Wyo Backcountry Decor, Inc, ( where the specialize in custom lighting and replicas. Many times, throughout the fall it is a family affair for the Taylors, Jenny will bring the boys on hunts. On a couple of occasions, the boys have been there for a sheep, elk, or lion hunts.  The Taylor’s come to the ranch often, enjoying shooting and hunting turkeys.  

Lost Creek Outfitters is only as good as the team we surround ourselves with! We are so fortunate to have a large group of seasoned and experienced guides.  Not all of our team is listed but be assured everyone that works for us knows the backcountry, knowledgeable about horses & mules, and can pack to ensure a safe and successful trip for our clients.